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Legacy Land Management is a land clearing contractor based out of Glen St Mary, Florida. In fact, our professional site contractors Jacksonville FL have been providing commercial and residential forestry mulching service to the Jacksonville Florida region for years. We are proud to service the entire Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia area.

Our team has worked on many projects over the years, resulting in a high level of expertise. Therefore, we are ready to handle any job. From small private lots to large multiple-acre projects; nothing is too large or too small for our team.

We’re also always committed to providing our customers with top-quality professional land clearing service. {Link-services} We’re also dedicated to preserving the environment and using forestry mulching to prevent environmental damage and improve the health of your soil and surrounding plant life.

We also offer free estimates. So, give us a call today to get your property cleared by a professional.

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Who is Legacy Land Management?

Clearing land for a construction project, landscaping, and other projects is certainly no small task. Hiring a site contractor who doesn’t know what they’re doing can lead to massive setbacks and even damage to your property.

Our professional team saves you time and headaches by providing expert services to clear land of invasive plant species and other unwanted vegetation and debris.

We also always take the necessary time and precautions to make sure that no damage occurs to the people or properties in and around the projects that we work on. We are licensed, insured and have experience with operating heavy machinery in a safe, professional manner.

Our Company Goals

The goal of Legacy Land Management LLC  is to provide our customers with high level professional quality work. We want each site that we work on to end up better than when we first arrived.

Instead of just leveling the ground and tearing out all of the trees and other vegetation, we want to help both our customers and the environment by using safe, trusted methods and equipment.

Legacy Land Management’s contractors offer swift and efficient services that greatly utilize forestry mulching as well as brush cutting. Our trusted, mulching machines carefully shred, cut, and level vegetation, leaving behind a layer of fine mulch.

This site cleanup process is especially helpful for quickly eliminating brush in wooded areas, controlling overgrowth, and removing invasive plant and tree species. Yet, it also helps protect the soil from harmful erosion.

Our Company Mission

For a company to truly be successful and stay true to its goals then it needs to have a vision for the future. Legacy Land Management has always had the vision to be the top site contractors in the Jacksonville region.

In fact, every time we take on a project, we remind ourselves that we are providing the best land clearing services in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. That means no shortcuts. We don’t cut corners on safety, use low-grade equipment, or leave a job partially finished.

We also use trusted land clearing methods and the appropriate equipment on every single job. A small plot of land will get just as much care and attention as a project that covers multiple acres.

Our Core Company Values

Our team operates around three core values:

  •  Excellence: When we take on a project, we pay close attention to every detail. Each customer receives the best service possible.
  • Safety and Security: Each member of our team is required to have proper training and follow strict safety and security measures.

Experience: We are experienced, licensed professionals that are capable of providing you with the best land clearing services in the area.

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Land Clearing Services

Legacy Land Management LLC provides land clearing and forestry mulching services to all of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Our professional services will speed up your project as well as help you avoid damage to your property, underground pipes, underground utility lines, etc.

View a full list of our services here:

Why Choose Us for Your Land Clearing Project

There are several reasons Legacy Land Management is the better choice when it comes to choosing a local site contractor.

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Licensed and Insured in Land Clearing

We carry the appropriate liability insurance and licensing. Your property will be in safe hands while we are operating heavy equipment to clear the area.

Environmental Awareness

Our land clearing methods are environmentally friendly. We use forestry mulching to prevent damage to your soil as well as the surrounding plant life. 


The professional services we offer will be faster, safer, more cost-effective and better at reducing erosion than if you were to do it yourself.

Hire the Best Site Contractors Jacksonville Fl

Contact Legacy Land Management today to make sure your next land clearing project is completed quickly, safely, and professionally.

Our site contractors will use trusted equipment and forestry mulching techniques to make your property more useful and aesthetically pleasing.

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