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Rejuvenate your land and get the ultimate benefit from your property investment. Achieve the land that you desire without any of the dirty work. Our team is here to help with professional tree services and land clearing Jacksonville FL.

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Making the Most of Your Property

Imagine the perfect sunset views across your green field or relaxing trail walks through your countryside property. It’s time to get the full benefit from your property! 

First, you need to transform the wild forested areas, with all the underbrush, into that beautiful open field. Or maybe you just need a clear walking path opened up through all the trees. You may simply need the right land preparation to build your new dream house. How do you even get started with these massive projects? 

Clearing land efficiently starts with the right heavy-duty equipment that can be quite expensive to rent and dangerous to operate. The clearing process itself is also time-consuming and includes cutting and hauling off heavy trees, digging up large rocks, and smoothing out the ground itself. It’s hard work, especially in the Florida heat. 

Hiring a professional land clearing service is certainly the easiest and most cost-effective solution for your property transformation project. If you’re looking for a company to assist you in your next land clearing job, then you’ve come to the right place.


Professional Land Clearing Service

Legacy Land Management LLC is a locally owned and operated company based in Glen Saint Mary, FL. We proudly serve clients across the entire Jacksonville Florida region. This includes both Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia areas. 

We provide both commercial and residential land clearing services, brush removal, as well as other services for land management. Our team is trained, licensed, and dedicated to providing quality service to everyone who needs their land cleared.

No project is too big or too small. So, give us a call today for your free estimate and get the most out of your property.

Get Quality Land Management Services

Brush and Land Clearing Services

Our land clearing services include brush removal, tree removal, and completely clearing the land of any debris or obstacles. Underbrush clearing specifically focuses on clearing away brush, leaving the rest of the foliage on your land intact. We use forestry mulching machines to clear and grind up vegetation. Make way for yard expansion, construction, and other projects with professional land clearing.

Site Preparation Services

Our team handles land grading as well as dirt work. We will level the surface of your property using heavy equipment, removing or importing dirt where needed. Site preparation work needs to be completed before starting any construction or forestry project on your property. We come in and complete any excavation, grading, or leveling that needs to be done to prepare the land. In addition, we also remove debris and clear the way for new materials to be brought in. Click to learn more about our services.

Tree Removal Services

Our team will clear right of ways and fence lines, removing any trees, shrubs, debris and other obstructions. Our storm damage cleanup involves removing fallen trees, damaged plants, and debris from both commercial and residential properties after a heavy storm. We have the heavy equipment needed for tree clearing, stump removal, or removal of invasive or unwanted trees without damaging the surrounding vegetation.

 Benefits of Land Clearing

As you may already know, land clearing has many benefits. However, many of these apply only if it’s done correctly. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced professional for your project

Increases the Land Usability

Walking trails or making more room for new crops or construction work; these are just a few ways your unused land can benefit from Legacy Land Management’s land clearing services. Get the most benefit from your property.

Increase Land Value & Aesthetics

 If you’re trying to sell an overgrown property, you likely won’t get nearly as much. However, you can boost the value of your entire property (buildings included) by hiring a professional land clearing company to clean it up for you.

Safety Purposes

Trails can be unsafe if they’re not well maintained. Land clearing can also help prevent the dangers of fire damage, falling trees, and more. So, call our team to clear a path and help remove unwanted vegetation from your land.

Enhances Soil Quality

By clearing away excess plant life, you’ll allow more sunlight, water, and air to penetrate the soil. In turn, this will give you healthier plant life. Removing invasive species will also help enhance the health of your vegetation.

Reduce Pests

Overgrown land is the perfect habitat for annoying and even dangerous pests. The warm environment in Florida makes pest control even more important. Land clearing helps to fix this problem, giving both you and your neighbors a safer environment.

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Everette Sweet
Everette Sweet
Chris done an awesome job. Glad to have run across him. Thank you so much sir.
John Souder
John Souder
Chris was professional and friendly. Gave me a quote and finished the work as he described. All work was done well and completed on time. I would recommend Legacy to everyone.
Christopher Babcock
Christopher Babcock
Chris came out on a Sunday on short notice and did an excellent job. He really went out of his way to go above and beyond expectation and I will definitely be calling him back for future work!

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Benefit from our expertise and experience as professional site contractors. Legacy Land Management LLC has the equipment and manpower to provide the best service possible. We also always provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

If you have a land clearing project in Northeast Florida or Southeast Georgia, our Jacksonville land clearing company will get the job done.

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