What is Forestry Mulching?

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Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that is designed to be both time-saving as well as environmentally friendly. Traditional methods for clearing land often require multiple machines, site preparation, and clean-up. 

Forestry mulching on the other hand creates zero waste. It’s also a great method for eliminating small leafy plants without harming neighboring healthy trees.

How Does It Work?

A forestry mulching machine is equipped with a rotary drum. Inside of the rotary drum, there are sharp blades that are used to cut and grind the vegetation on your property. Forestry mulchers can even grind up trees, as long as they’re small enough.

During the process, the forestry mulcher will grind up the unwanted vegetation and leave behind a mulch layer. This layer will protect the soil as well as provide important nutrients.

If you want to use the area for a lawn or garden once it’s cleared, this proactive mulching will also make a great environment for plants to grow. Once the mulching machine has done its work and plants start growing, all you’ll have to do is a little lawn mowing and weeding.


Benefits of Mulching

As mentioned, forestry mulching is a fast, environmentally-friendly form of clearing unwanted vegetative overgrowth. Rather than complete removal of the vegetation, it transforms it to a healthy mulch. This is also a great option for companies or individuals with a smaller budget for land clearing. 

The benefits of forestry mulching include:

●      Keeping your soil structure intact

●      Removal of invasive plants and invasive insects

●      Cheaper and faster than traditional clearing methods

●      Fast removal of rotten trees

●      Improvement of soil fertility

●      Protection of desirable vegetation

●      Maintain habitats for wildlife or livestock

Mulching also requires less machinery than traditional land clearing methods. That means you don’t have to have an army of vehicles on your property just to get the land clear. It also reduces fuel emissions.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Clearing land is often accused of causing soil damage and erosion. In all honesty, this is a fair accusation. If the company you hire to clear your land doesn’t use the right techniques or equipment, then your soil can suffer serious damage.

Forestry mulching completely removes the risk of soil erosion. When mulching trees and vegetation, a forestry mulcher leaves behind a layer of nutritious mulch.

This ground-up plant material acts as an erosion barrier and helps to preserve your soil structure.

Pest Control and Invasive Species

Forestry mulching is also a non-toxic form of pest control as well as helpful for removing invasive plant species. Mulching invasive species prevents them from spreading their seed and also provides nutrients for desirable vegetation.

In addition, forestry Mulching is a really good way to clear out rotten trees and other dead vegetation. Dead trees and plants are a conducive breeding environment for insects of all kinds.

By mulching dead and invasive plants, you’ll be able to get rid of unwanted plants and also control pest breeding without using pesticides or herbicides.

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Soil Nutrients

Clearing land via forestry mulching will improve soil fertility and maintain habitats for native wildlife.

Forestry mulching is the least invasive form of land clearing. This means that your soil won’t be torn up by heavy equipment. The mulching machines will also leave behind a layer of nutritious mulch.

This layer of mulch becomes compost, which will serve future vegetation. So, if you are thinking about clearing some of your property to use as farming land, a garden, or a food plot, then you should definitely use forestry mulching.

Disadvantages of Forestry Mulching

While mulching is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option for clearing land, it does have some minor disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage is that forestry mulching won’t remove large trees. Even the best forestry mulching machines can’t handle a tree that’s more than 25 or 30 in diameter.

Another drawback of using a forestry mulcher is that you have to be very careful not to get a lot of rocks into the grinding equipment. The grinding tools inside the machine can be replaced, but when they strike rocks, it can cause sparks.

If you’re removing live or wet vegetation, this usually isn’t an issue. However, if you’re working with dead vegetation, the sparks can become a fire hazard. 

This is rare occurrence, but possible. That’s one of the reasons it’s important to hire a professional and experienced clearing company to do the forestry mulching for you.

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Forestry Mulching Machines

There is a variety in the types of forestry mulching equipment available. 

Here are some of the mulching machines a professional land clearing company may use on your project: 

●      Tracked mulching machines

●      Portable mulching units

●      Skid steer tractors equipped with forestry mulching attachments

●      Steel chipper tools

●      Tree shears

●      Lawn tractor mulchers 

Mulching equipment also includes mulching heads and yard clearing equipment.

You can purchase some of this equipment yourself and perform mulching jobs on your own, as long as they’re small scale. Things like stump removal and large-scale mulching jobs should be handled by a professional company.

Forestry Mulching Cost

The cost of land clearing and forestry mulching depends on several factors.

First, different forestry mulching companies have different rate structures for their land clearing services. Some charge an hourly rate and others charge by the acre. Second, residential land clearing projects are often less expensive than commercial land clearing projects.

The general cost for clearing land with forestry mulchers is somewhere between $1,200 – $7,000 per acre. The price will vary based on the type of terrain your land has, as well as the amount of vegetation growth that needs to be cleared.


Land Clearing Experts

Forestry mulching really is the best choice for most people and businesses who are looking for a fast, cost-effective land clearing method.

You’ll have the benefits of invasive species control, removal of dead plant matter, as well as keeping your soil structure intact.

If you’re looking for a professional forestry mulching team in the Jacksonville Florida region, then give us a call today at Legacy Land Management.

Our team is licensed and trained to work with all types of forestry mulching equipment. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible. 

Legacy Land Management uses proven techniques and equipment that clear your land quickly and efficiently. We also make sure that no damage occurs to neighboring properties or the vegetation you want to keep. Contact Legacy Land Management today for professional, effective forestry mulching services.